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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Edict from Jerry The King: It's Okay To Shoot

I read an article about a woman who shot an intruder in her home to protect her 3 month-old baby. I will state up front that I am not an advocate of indiscriminate shooting for any reason but zombie invasion, at which point it's load 'em or lose 'em and Katie Bar The Door.

That said, this shooting was so extremely justified that this young mother should not only be acquitted, but she should get a medal, a key to the city, $1000.00 in free groceries and a really cute puppy. In fact, she should be acquitted twice, just in case some folks miss the first acquittal.

Let me explain.

This 18 year-old mother lost her husband to cancer on Christmas day, leaving her a widow and her young baby without a father. If that wasn't enough, the day of her husband's funeral, a 24 year-old man came to her house claiming to be a neighbor wanting to "say hello". Really, Douchebag? Scoping out this poor lady's house the day they lay her husband to rest? She might not have known it at the time, but apparently the wheels were turning in the would-be intruder's head.

I have no idea what evil intentions were afoot that day, and will likely never know. However, a week later, this same stalwart, gallant soul came to the door, this time bringing reinforcements - another young man and a 12-inch hunting knife. Game on.

It appears that the would-be intruder underestimated the survival instincts of this brave young lady by a long shot. A reeeeally long shot. Not quite willing to give in to the young thugs, she gathered up her baby, a shotgun and a handgun and retreated to her bedroom, where she proceeded to dial 911.

While she was on the phone with the 911 dispatcher, the intrepid marauders gained entry into the home. The young mother asked the police if it was okay for her to shoot the men to protect her infant. To the officer's credit and for which he/she also deserves a cute puppy and a meaningful bump in salary, she was told to do whatever it took to protect herself and her child.

The intruder then proceeded to make what would be his biggest and last mistake - he kicked in the bedroom door and came after the young lady with his hunting knife. And was promptly shot dead. His partner in crime ran away and was captured shortly thereafter. The End.

I know that this must have been a traumatic experience for the young widow and I can only hope that the memories of the terror and the justified gunplay do not linger. Heaven knows she has faced enough hardship without having to deal with the guilt one must feel at taking a human life. But she did what was necessary to protect her home, her baby and her own well-being and she should call Stanley Steamer, buy herself something pretty and concentrate on the important task of getting on with it.

I certainly do not mean to make light of this brave young lady's recovery - the opposite in fact. Hopefully, this awful instance of bad behavior on the part of these two worthless desperados will not hinder too much her ability to move on with the mourning of her Christmas day loss and the raising of her daughter. I wish her the best - she is a strong, brave, capable woman and deserves a long, happy life. Join me in wishing her well.

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