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Friday, August 20, 2010

Bo Knows - A Follow-Up

Friday, August 20, 2010
Bo Knows - A Follow-Up
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I called it. I hate to toot my own horn or ring my own bell or pat my own back – you get the picture, but when the young lady got hit by the foul ball in Houston because her ne’er do-well boyfriend shot out of the way as if snakebit instead of catching the ball, I proceeded to outline the young lady’s entire future in a blog (see blog of August 11 – “Houston, Land of Chivalry – An American Fairy Tale”), detailing the events that were to follow without question should she not immediately put an end to their sham of a relationship. After all, self-preservation instinct notwithstanding, what is the upside of dating a guy who will sacrifice his girlfriend’s safety because he can’t catch a baseball? Well, apparently after several appearances on national television shows after the video of the episode went major viral, she did indeed put the ky-bosh on the ill-fated union.

But that is merely good common sense – here is where the story gets truly interesting… The boyfriend – let’s call him Bo, that’s his name – is a pouter. Hurt because he was dumped by the young lady, Bo has threatened to put out racy photos on the internet, a ploy to no-doubt humiliate the woman who had deemed him unworthy. Instead of humiliation, however, this threat merely served to propel this lady directly to step 3 or 4 of my blog – the one where she sells her body to a sleazy magazine. She stepped up and offered herself up in order to not only thwart Bo’s efforts to drag her through the mud, but to pick up a little easy lucre along the way.

Even though she has yet to murder Bo (don’t count it out), or throw herself down the hardwood spiral staircase of drug abuse, or meet and marry Todd Bridges on “Celebrity Rehab”, I have the feeling that she is only shuffling the deck. Give it some time and she will hunt that sonofabitch Bo down and snuff him like a Tiparello. Then she will fall into line and you can observe as my predictions indeed come to fruition. It’s only a matter of time… Next time you dodge out of the way of a baseball and let your lady take the shot, just beware and learn from Bo. Do the right thing: Don’t warn her – get those nudies out there before while there is still some easy jack to be made.

Jerry Ford – here to help.

Coming for the weekend – a sneak peak of “A Bunny Screaming”

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