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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Narcicircusism - The Skinny

A friend IM'd me today and in the course of our exchange, he told me he had submitted a word to the Urban Dictionary for consideration. He had invented the word "dumbassify" and wrote that if he had to go to the trouble of explaining a statement, he was "dumbassifying" it. To which I agree - if one is forced to laboriously lead another through a straightforward point, the point is either poorly-made or the listener is a fucktard - another fine example of a word which should be put into prominent use in our society. It takes all the stigma out of the word "retard", which special needs folks and their advocates take exception to. Mostly the advocates, I imagine - I don't think the retards give a damn.

I have made up many words - too many to remember, frankly. Mostly on the spot and as a rule usually containing a dirty word paired with a noun, for example "cumsponge" is another colorful description for a woman with questionable moral fiber. I am not completely certain I made that one up - it seems too obvious to have been overlooked by others searching for an alternative to "slut" or "claptrap" - but I will gladly take credit. After all, it's my blog.

I came up with the word "narcicircusism" one fine Chicago afternoon when I spied the 2nd Ex-Mrs. Ford walking down the street with her new "partner", shortly after we had separated. Let it be known that I was not stalking her - we both (all three, actually) happened to work a block away from each other. After the split, she had decided that she was switching teams and had taken up with another female, gotten her hair cut in a similar style and begun to assimilate a similar taste in wardrobe.

Her new partner was a shorter, stockier version of the ex and on this day the two of them were wearing overalls and flannel shirts (shocker) and it struck me that the sight reminded me of Pat McCormick and Paul Williams (Big Enos and Little Enos) in the Smokey and the Bandit films...

I came up with the word "narcicircusism" (pronounced NAR-SI-CIRCUS-ISM) to describe the phenomenon of loving oneself as viewed through a carnival mirror. It gave me a chuckle and never fails to illicit a laugh from those to whom it is explained. Just remember folks, words are fun and they're even funner when you can fiddle around with them to suit your needs. I do it every time I post a misspelling - I take a second to explain the meaning of the misspell. For instance, a "tatto consultation" is like a "tattoo consultation", only briefer and more to the point.

My point is this - don't fear language, embrace it and make it your own. Just don't feel obligated to dumbassify it for the fucktards.

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