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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Lottery Winner Keeps Using Public Assistance - Shocker...

Here's one for the "REALLY?" files...

I was skimming the news - I prefer skimming because it seems every story I may want to read all the way through invariably leaves me disappointed, disgusted or confused - and I came across an article about a woman who won a million dollar lottery and chose to continue to use her public assistance stipend to buy groceries.

This person, who shall remain nameless - let's call her Amanda Clayton - justified using the food stamp-type benefit card by pointing out that since she took her winnings in a lump sum, got just over $500,000.00. And she was, after all, not employed. And she does, after purchasing a new house with some of the windfall, now own two houses. Apparently, a half-million dollars just doesn't stretch as far as it used to and I get that. But REALLY?

Two hundred dollars a month is being issued to "Amanda" for public aid assistance and I suppose that there is no legal reason why she shouldn't take the assistance - if the system is willing to kick her out a check every month, despite the fact that she just became a half-million dollars richer than she used to be, then more power to her, I suppose. But here is my thought: That's got to be some seriously bad juju.

Here is what I know:  If I had taken the big lottery check and continued to receive my monthly stipend, I would be dealt some kind of exquisite karmic retribution that would be not only be administered immediately, but with ultimate irony, such as home-invasion robbery or the flooding of the basement in my new house that held my Mickey Mantle rookie card and autographed Paul McCartney Polaroid Land Camera photograph. Or I would fall down carrying the government-sponsored groceries into my new house and break my neck. That is what I know.

I think that there should be a special reward for those who take advantage of such situations shamelessly, without guilt or apology. Amanda even admitted that she figured "they" would take away her benefits, but "they" didn't. It is obvious that she didn't glean a teary lesson from that handsome bastard Russell Crowe, when he played boxing champion Jim Braddock in "Cinderella Man".

In one scene that I have yet to see clearly through my tears or hear clearly through my sobs, Braddock, down and out (this is the Great Depression), pushes his plate of food to his daughter and proceeds to mime eating a steak dinner and tells her cheerfully how full he is. She eats the food and you can see the pain in the starving boxer's eyes. Damn you, Ron Howard for manipulating my emotions like a puppet-master. Anyhow, when Braddock receives government benefits, it helps him put food on his table and keep the lights on. These were hard times and one took any assistance one could get.

Later, when Braddock finally beats that cocky, murderous sonofabitch Max Baer and wins the heavyweight title, he is flush with cash and finally able to modestly support his family. And do you know what Braddock did? He went back to the social services offices and paid them back all the money he had received while on the dole, that's what. It made my chest swell with pride and then of course the tears. A fine movie and one that was under-appreciated, if you want my opinion. But then again, I like boxing movies.

But I digress.

I think we should keep an eye on Amanda Clayton, not to judge, but simply to wait and see what juicy Karma Poop the juju Gods are going to fling her way. Bring some popcorn and a Kleenex - a Ron Howard picture is certain to follow.

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